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With music to suit most tastes, Up lifting motivating talk host and current affairs discussions. Moods radio is the new hot place to be. 

The President -From the Dimension Family) Show time: FRIDAYSs 6pm -8pm Playing reggae, RNB, Soul, Pop and many more....
DJ O.P From the Hi Life Family: Show time: SUNDAYS 2pm -4pm playing the best in RNB, Soul Reggae and many more...
DJ Nitro: Show time: TUESDAYS 8pm -10pm Playing the best in: Dance hall, 90's, RNB
Nick (aka Big Stonesz) show time: SATURDAYS: 4pm -6pm "Beat the Press", Football talk show , the latest updates and results on current football games.
Jackie.J (admin support): Show times: WEDNESDAYS: 6pm- 8pm playing the best in Jazz Vocals SUNDAYS :4pm - 6pm Weekly talk show "Woman at the Well" Discussing life issues and real problems that women go through all that and live music. Phone in, text in and get involve , share your story and women support each other. Disclaimer: this is only a discussion and not a counselling service .
COMING SOON..... Mr Classic. SATURDAYS 8-10pm Mix and Blend Show With Mr.Classic The DJ that gives you more in old and New Music . Playing the best in Reggae / Revival / Soul / RNB / Lovers Rock /and Rare Groove.
Cecil G. Founder and C.E.O of Moods Radio. Shows: WEDNESDAYS 10-12am RNB, Soul, Reggae, afro beats and many more...mix and blend. THURSDAYS: 8pm -10pm Rare Grooves Thursdays (proper Rare Grooves), SUNDAYS 8pm -10.30pm listener's requests Show, any thing goes. You request it I will play it ..(Tel:07538 360 037/ Whatsapp) Email: App: Radio Garden (Moodsradio)
DJ SYL: Show time: WEDNESDAYS: 4pm -6pm: Playing the best in Afro Beats, Talk show, financial discussions and current affairs.
Kiara: Show time: THURSDAYS 6pm -8pm Joint presenter of the Twilight Hours: playing the best in RNB, Hip Hop, Garage, Reggae and many more ....
DJ Lloyd Frontline:(Social media support) Show time: THURSDAYS: 6pm -8pm Joint presenter of the Twilight Hours: playing the best in RNB, Hip Hop, Garage, Reggae and many more ....
Dj Benz From the Dimension Family: Show time: FRIDAYS: 8pm -10pm Plays Reggae, RNB, Slow jams, Rare Grooves
DJ Jazzy Melody: Show time:SATURDAY 12-2pm : Playing the best in RNB and Soul.
COMING SOON ...Sweet T: SATURDAYS 6-8PM out of St.lucia presents. The Dutch Pot Pick n Drop Show. Packed with Reggae/Lovers Rock / Oldies / n Soca to suit all moods.
Miss Money Penny (Hi Life Family) Show time: THURSDAYS: The Penny Drop Show, 10pm -12am Playing the best in Slow Jams, RNB and Soul
DJ Mykey: (from the Dimension family). Show time: FRIDAYS 10pm -12am: Playing the best in RNB, Reggae, Old School, Soul, Studio One and many more...
Chey: (Social media assistant) show time:THURSDAYS: 4pm -6pm Talk Show : Music Memories , guests talks about 5 songs that impacted on them over the years
COMING SOON....Deon Green: Show time: 11:45 am to 12pm daily. DAILY NEWS: from the Caribbean
COMING SOON ...Miss Tee & Annvey . Show time Mondays 8-10pm "Singles " talk show regarding relationships, Phone in text in. Talks about all aspects of relationships
COMING SOON ...Dj Taff: playing your favorite Afrobeat, salsa and Mbalax all the way from Africa
DJ Morgy: (Operations Manager) Show times: SATURDAYS 10pm- 12am: SUNDAYS: 6pm-8pm, "In the mix with DJ Morgy" Playing RNB, Reggae, Ragga, Soul, Rare Grooves, best in Dance Hall and many more....
DJ Bobz: show times: (SATURDAYS Temp :6pm -8pm Lift your hands up SATURDAYS). Gospel music at it's finest... SUNDAYS 8am -12pm Praise and Worship , playing the best in gospel music...... SUNDAY show time: 10.30p. - 12.30 am the After party Gospel party and inspirational tunes party , party , party....
DJ Cassius -Aka The Lion King: (Social media assistant) Show times: SUNDAYS: 12am - 2pm Brunch Show Gospel & inspirational. FRIDAYS 4pm-6pm vibe time mix . ..SATURDAYS: 2-4pm in the mood for Jazz....SATURDAYS (Temp): 8pm - 10pm in the mood mix ..
George: SATURDAYS: 4pm -6pm "Beat the Press", Football talk show , the latest updates and results on current football games.

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Welcome to Moods Radio where play the best music for every mood. We play the best in Soul, Funk, RNB, Disco, Afro beat, Boogie, Jazz Funk, Rare Groove, Reggae, Lovers Rock, Ragga and many many many more. We aim to Broadcast 24 hrs a day around the world all day everyday from Manchester UK. Our team of DJ’s will keep the memories alive by bringing you some of the best live shows. we will take you back decades of classic music Bring you up-to-date with today’s bangers you will always find something musical to lift or get you in the mood.